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Bespoke tailoring with Pellegrino Castronovo is a four-step process. This process ensures that you are fitted correctly and that your suit meets the highest standards of excellence. Pellegrino Castronovo will tailor you at your location in Canada or the U.S. Arrangements can be made for international tailoring or consulting services as well.

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For bespoke tailoring in your home, office or hotel:

1. Call or email to book an appointment
2. Pellegrino visits you with the fabric and fits/measures you
3. Second fitting (approx. 3 weeks)
4. Final fitting (approx. 2 weeks)

Trunk show bespoke tailoring: special dates and locations

1. Initial consultation
2. First fitting and measurements
3. Second fitting (approx. 3 weeks)
4. Final fitting (approx. 3 weeks)

Fit Consultant for patterns or collections / Consultant inquiries:

1. Book an appointment by phone or email
2. A quote will be given depending on the services required

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